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  • Douwe Egberts – Dark Espresso

    Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Espresso consists mainly of Arabica coffee beans from South and Central America together with a small amount of high-quality Robusta beans. This long roasting time and blend composition give this coffee a strong, round taste with some high roast characteristics. It is a perfect Espresso and makes a delicious, fully flavored Cappuccino or Caffe Latte. It is also suitable for making a Caffe Lungo.

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  • Douwe Egberts – Extra Dark Roast

    Espresso consists of washed Arabica coffee beans, Brazilian coffee beans, and high-quality Robusta coffee beans. The long and dark roasting process and blend composition give the coffee a strong, powerful and intense taste, with a somewhat sweet, spicy aftertaste. It is perfect for Ristretto and Espresso and provides an ideal base for specialty drinks such as Cappuccino or Macchiato.

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  • Cafitesse Liquid Roast – Strong Roast

    A strong, full-bodied coffee with a smoky, bittersweet character enriched with a spicy nuances. This bold, intensely flavoured espresso-type blend is ideal for rich, milky drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

    (Intensity 9)

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  • Cafitesse Excellence Compact

    Cafitesse Excellence Compact is a small-but-mighty machine which offers an outstanding combination of variety and flexibility. It has wide range of aromatic coffees. Elegant design, compact machine offering numerous possibilities within small space

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  • Cafitesse Excellence

    Top quality in a stylishly designed machine. The Cafitesse Excellence is a showpiece for every establishment.

    Award winning design
    Full of flavour
    Carefree operation

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  • Cafitesse NG300

    For large groups of people and plentiful choice. The Cafitesse NG 300 is ideal for large-scale receptions.

    A powerhouse
    Drink your coffee just the way you like it with a preparation speed of just a couple of seconds per cup. The Cafitesse NG 300 offers the perfect combination of instantly prepared delicious tasking coffee and a choice of strength and quantity per cup.

    The Cafitesse NG 300 is a super fast worker. In just three seconds, you’ve got a top quality cup of coffee in your hand. Preparing large quantities of coffee is also child’s play for this powerhouse. It can simultaneously fill two jugs in less than half a minute.

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