1. Douwe Egberts quality

With over 250 years of passion and expertise. It’s no wonder Douwe Egberts has become one of the world’s most respected coffee brands. Our master coffee roasters select, blend and roast the very best specific-origin beans to guarantee that the characteristics Douwe Egberts taste can always be enjoyed, cup after cup.

To ensure the continuation of our trusted quality, Douwe Egberts is committed to supporting a sustainable coffee market, from crop to cup. For more information about our sustainability policy, see www.cafitesse.com

2. Cafitesse. 100% pure coffee

Thanks to its unique brewing process. Cafitesse preserves all of the wonderful aromas that make Douwe Egberts coffee so delightful. Every preference is accommodated through our range of different blends. From mild, aromatic coffee with a gentle flavour to strong, powerful coffee with deep character.

3. Machines that match your needs

The broadly varied range of cafitesse coffee machines means there’s always a solution that fits yours needs. From perfect black coffee to scrumptious cappuccino. For serving 140 to 800 users per machine. Cafitesse has the ideal machine for every situations.

4. Fast turnaround

With an average preparation speed of 4 seconds per cup. Cafitesse machine are always ready for use. Queues in fort of the coffee machine are a thing of the past!

5. Reliability

Thanks to a unique brewing system which, amongst other things, has eliminated the potential for coffee clogging the machine, there is minimal risk of break-down. To ensure you’re always able to enjoy a tasty cup of Cafitesse coffee, we offer a service package that takes care of everything for you. In the unlikely event of the machine needing repair, our CT Nexus service technician will personally show up to fix problem and carry out corrective maintenance.

Cafitesse Liquid Roast - Strong

A strong, full-bodied coffee with a smoky, bittersweet character enriched with a spicy nuances. This bold, intensely flavoured espresso-type blend is ideal for rich, milky drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

(Intensity  9)

Pickwick English Tea Blend

Our tea experts have created a Pickwick English Tea Blend for Cafitesse machines that makes a perfect cup of tea every time with ease.
Pickwick English Tea Blend is a carefully selected mix of Ceylon, Kenya and Malawi tea.
Variations: 2 x 2L pack

6. The low cost solution

Superfast brewing speed and easy cleaning and filling are mainstays of the Cafitesse concept. Compared to a Fresh Brew machine, the Cafitesse brewing speed and ease of maintenance saves you 78 working hours per year.

*Annual cleaning hours

  • *Based upon 15,000 cups per year

**Espresso Schaever Vito, Bravilor Filter, Fresh Braw Galerry 10, Cafitesse NG110