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  • Cafitesse Liquid Roast – Strong Roast

    A strong, full-bodied coffee with a smoky, bittersweet character enriched with a spicy nuances. This bold, intensely flavoured espresso-type blend is ideal for rich, milky drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

    (Intensity 9)

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  • Pickwick English Tea Blend

    Our tea experts have created a Pickwick English Tea Blend for Cafitesse machines that makes a perfect cup of tea every time with ease.

    Pickwick English Tea Blend is a carefully selected mix of Ceylon, Kenya and Malawi teas

    •  Ceylon, renown for mellow, smooth, aromatic, high in flavour teas
    •  Kenya, recognised for vivacious, bright and relatively full bodied teas
    •  Malawi, has a deep red colour

    Pickwick English Tea Blend makes high volume tea occasions easy whilst not compromising on the quality.

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