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  • Pickwick Chamomile

    Pickwick Camomile is a natural decaffeinated blend based on pure chamomile.

    Packaged in a completely sealed paper envelope.

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  • Pickwick Earl Grey

    Early Grey is an original Pick Wick tea. fresh and slighty spicy.

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  • Pickwick English Breakfast

    English is our most popular type of tea, a blend of teas from the best tea countries.

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  • Pickwick Green Tea Lemon

    Pickwick Lemon has all the taste of real fruits. The lemon peel added to the tea blend; result in a delicious, refreshing tea with lemon flavor. Enjoy your cup of Pickwick Lemon at any moment of the day.

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  • Pickwick Green Tea Pure

    Fresh green tea with a characteristic light color , made from the youngest tea leaves . Furthermore, we have not done anything with it , because pure green tea is very tasty. Pure green tea 100% natural.

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  • Pickwick Mint

    Pickwick mint naturally decaffeinated blend made of pure mint. Packaged in a fully sealed paper envelope can as waste paper.

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