FIORENZATO presents the full-color TOUCHSCREEN display with CapSense technology, bigger and more intuitive.

Innovative, clean and with an essential design, where functions can be activated with a simple touch. The display shows the statistics and the mills' (burrs) replacement hours, but also the percentage of humidity and the temperature.

The Cooling fan is activated only when the grinder doser overheats, cooling the motor.

One of the most important stages is grinding, as it is the moment when the coffee beans become powder: this must be fine and uniform, always consistent and with no variation in texture. Only in this way can coffee provide its fragrance and unique taste. It is also the pride and joy of bars, hotels, and restaurants that are used to offering their customers only the best.

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Model: F64 EVO



Height 24.2 in
Width 9.1 in
Depth 10.6 in
Hopper Capacity 1500 g
Weight 28.7 lbs


Burr Size 64 mm
Burr Material Steel
Flat or Connical Flat
Grinding Adjustment Type Infinitesimal Collar Adjustment
Average Output 2.5 g/s
Dose Setting(s) 2

Other Specifications

Motor Speed 1550 RPM
Power 350 W
Equipped with Fan Yes
Start Portafilter, Pulse Button

Dimension (cm)  
Weight (g) 11.00

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