WMF 1500S+


With a 10-inch touch display, the new WMF 1500 S+ specialty machine offers all information at a glance – including nutritional information, promotional offers, and usage videos. Geared towards medium-sized coffee enterprises in a wide range of areas, numerous templates ensure that the fully automatic machine fulfills the needs of all users visually, functionally, and linguistically. The automatically height-adjustable spout and a new Choc Mixer permit maximum ease of use and convenience.

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Model: 1500S+


Power Single Phase 1P/N/E 220 – 240V 2.75 - 3.25 kW
Power Three Phase Not available
Fix Water Connection 3/8" TW10 min 2 bar
Tank Version Water Tank 4.5L
Size (W x H x D) 325 x 706 x 590 mm

Dimension (cm)  
Weight (g) 36.00

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