WMF 5000S+


If you’re running a busy restaurant, café, or bakery, you want to serve a wide range of premium coffee specialties, and you want to serve them rapidly. The WMF 5000S+ has the power and the agility to satisfy all your customers, at the pace they demand. Its two grinders, two possible milk variants, and optional Syrup Station offer countless sophisticated beverage choices. With the option of WMF’s unprecedented Fresh Filtered Coffee technology, it can even satisfy filter coffee enthusiasts to the best. And it can dispense coffee and hot water in parallel, thanks to the optional 9 kW heating capacity. Recommended for venues with an average daily requirement of 250 cups, it meets the needs of medium to large businesses with ease. All this is made possible by the machine’s robust design, high-grade components, and cutting-edge features.

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Model: 5000S+


Power Single Phase 1P/N/E 220 – 240V, 3.01–3.51kW
Power Three Phase 3P/N/E 380 – 415V, 8.41–9.96kW
Fix Water Connection 3/8" TW10 min 2 bar
Tank Version Not available
Size (W x H x D) 325 x 716 x 590 mm

Dimension (cm)  
Weight (g) 37.00

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