Keep milk cold and fresh.

Apply to Pro series and K series coffee machines.


1. Classic milk cooler, providing an economic way to keep your milk cold and fresh
2. Cooling direct system with fan can achieve 15-20℃ below ambient temperature
3. Compact size with 6L inner capacity, containing up to 2L of milk carton
4. Special hole, easy to connect milk pipe to coffee machine

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Model: K180


Rated Power: "Cold mode: 40-52W Hot mode: 32-50W "
Color: Black painted (silver is optional)
Voltage: AC220V, DC12V
NG/GW: 3.4/4.0 kg
Capacity (inside): 6L
Cord Length: 1m
Cooling: approx.15℃ below ambient temperature
Insulation: Solid polyurethane foam with CFC-free
Inner size (W*D*H): 163x140x283mm
Product size(W*D*H): 213x275x343mm

Dimension (cm)  
Weight (g) 4.00

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