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  • Cafitesse C50

    A handy, versatile coffee machine that’s ideal for small businesses, company departments, waiting rooms and reception areas.

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  • Cafitesse Excellence

    Top quality in a stylishly designed machine. The Cafitesse Excellence is a showpiece for every establishment.

    Award winning design
    Full of flavour
    Carefree operation

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  • Cafitesse Excellence Compact

    Cafitesse Excellence Compact is a small-but-mighty machine which offers an outstanding combination of variety and flexibility. It has wide range of aromatic coffees. Elegant design, compact machine offering numerous possibilities within small space

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  • Cafitesse NG100

    The ultimate black coffee and tea machine

    Fast enough to satisfy large groups
    Do you need to serve quality, flavourful coffee to a large group of people? The Cafitesse NG 100 puts all our expertise and passion to work so fast it can produce up to 800 servings in an hour. An optimal way to bring the sensation of satisfying coffee to large gatherings, such as in conference centres or theatres.

    Uncompromised quality
    Ingredients for the Cafitesse NG 100 are specially packaged to ensure all the flavour, aroma and freshness are fully retained. So every cup tastes the way it should, whether it’s a robust espresso, a pleasant café crème or an aromatic decafé.

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  • Cafitesse NG300

    For large groups of people and plentiful choice. The Cafitesse NG 300 is ideal for large-scale receptions.

    A powerhouse
    Drink your coffee just the way you like it with a preparation speed of just a couple of seconds per cup. The Cafitesse NG 300 offers the perfect combination of instantly prepared delicious tasking coffee and a choice of strength and quantity per cup.

    The Cafitesse NG 300 is a super fast worker. In just three seconds, you’ve got a top quality cup of coffee in your hand. Preparing large quantities of coffee is also child’s play for this powerhouse. It can simultaneously fill two jugs in less than half a minute.

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