Cafitesse System

Cafitesse is a liquid coffee-extract made from the highest quality beans. Cafitesse means fresh brewed coffee from with excellent quality: 100% pure coffee. The Cafitesse coffee machine offers you a high standard, maximum user-friendlyness, speed and reliability.

Brewing method Cafitesse coffee

Cafitesse is a coffee type that is brewed in our factory to an unique coffee extract. After brewing Cafitesse is immediately packed airtight where after deeply frozen. This way the flavour and aromas are preserved optimal until the coffee is served hot. Ever since the nineties Cafitesse had proven to be an amazing and successful concept on the Out of Home market. Deservedly, because with Cafitesse you will have a constant and fresh taste experience with only very little effort.

The best Cafitesse coffee machine for you
Buying or renting a coffee machine is not an activity that you have to do daily. In addition, the choices are innumerable! That is why we are here to help to find the right JDE Professional Cafitesse coffee machine. Or of course, another coffee machine. Reach out to us for personalized advice.

The best coffee for your Cafitesse coffee machine
JDE Professional has a wide range of Cafitesse coffee products that fit only in a Cafitesse machine. This coffee is delivered to you frozen, to ensure quality.

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